Sunday, July 31, 2005


In the USA they got a special release this 1/4 release. Awesome now they have twice the Bodypump to use this 1/4.Has anyone launced this release yet?

Thursday, July 28, 2005


In 2001, Bodypump 38 came our way. Release 38 was an awesome release. Here is a retrospective of this release. I am going to do one for every release from 38 > 49.

This may take some time!

Track 1 of release 38 begins with Lionel Richie in an upbeat track called Angel a track that was suggested to Michael. The track features an awesome ending, which makes track 1 of this release rather special indeed. For those who know this track, the ending is very innovative. We have not seen since or before in any Bodypump release.

Track 2 comes from DJ Octopus Baker Street, this is one of the fastest squat tracks I have ever done. By the end of the track, you pretty much have spent in the legs department.

Track 3 begins with an innovative start and I always like those in Bodypump and goes up hill from there. Highlight of this track by Madonna is the ending of the track Michael choreographing some awesome stuff at the end of this track.

Track 4 I Drove All Night has an awesome set of triples in this exercise / track selection. No other release of Bodypump has had these since.

Track 5 She Bangs by Ricky Martin is a highlight of this release. It is a classic triceps track and the ending you hammer all the way to the ending.

Track 6 Stronger by Britney is one of the hardest and toughest biceps tracks ever without a doubt. You go into this track with a positive mindset and by the end of the track, your biceps are totally spent. It is because of track 6 I am here writing about Bodypump and "We are stronger." because of Britney Spears. Thank you Britney!

Track 7 is by Darude and is one of the only lunge tracks I know of that is totally music and has no lyric content in it at all which made it hard to learn overnight. The track hammers away at the end of the exercise routine and you are pretty much spent in the legs department after doing Sandstorm by Darude.

Track 8 is Where are you by Paffendorf. A nice and tidy shoulder track, the music sits well with this track had to learn this one as well. Great introduction to the track and you plough into some serious shoulder work with this track.

By the end, your shoulders are burning and you hope that you finish the track on time and end on STOP!

Track 9 Most Girls by Pink is awesome. When I looked at the track though man that is not going to hurt the abs too much. Well I was wrong, total control on the abs exercises in this track and finish on a awesome set of abdominal work which Michael must have been smiling when he choreographed it.

Track 10 Arms Wide Open by Creed one of my favorite all-time tracks ever. Why, every part of the track and the stretches seem to blend into each other and leave the class with an awesome feeling of accomplishment. Just enjoy each section of the track. In addition, the ending "With Arms Wide Open" says it all.

Track No/Song/Artist/CD Information
Release 3rd 1/4 2001
Angel - Lionel Richie - Lionel Richie 1982
Baker Street - DJ Octopus - Dancemania CD 2
Don't Tell Me - Madonna - Don't Tell Me 12' CD Single
I Drove All Night - Bandido - (Unknown.)
She Bangs - Ricky Martin - Sound Loaded
Stronger - Britney Spears - 12" CD Single
Sandstorm - Darude - Before the Storm
Where Are You - Paffendorf - 12" Vinyl
Most Girls - Pink - Can't Take Me Home
With Arms Wide Open - Creed

Thursday, July 21, 2005



Going to write a few of these :)

As a qualified Fitness and Gym Instructor (Registered.) There is nothing that I like is the perfect biceps curl. Quite often I see people not doing it right and cheating while doing them.

Often I see sway back which means that the bar has been overloaded.

Muscle Activation:

Biceps Brachii, Brachioradialis, it is a compound exercise.

Joint Action:

Elbow Flexion - Wrist Flexors.

Common Faults:

People often flare out the arms (chicken wings.)
People use incorrect stance while performing biceps curls.
Coming to high in the top half of the biceps curl.
Not allowing correct technique in the execution of the bottom half of a biceps curl.
Not bracing the core while doing biceps curl.

Correct Technique:

Elbows glued to the side of the body.
Proper split stance while doing single repartitions of biceps curls.
Set stance for for slower biceps.
Not taking the bar higher than the mid-line.
Lower repartitions done at the proper lower half.
Observing correct time under tension.
Bracing the midline (abdominals.) while doing biceps curls.
When lowering the bar do it in a controlled manner.

Listen to the instructor and take on board what they say. If you have issues and problems with biceps curls ask your friendly Bodypump Instructor to have a look at your technique and correct it.:)

Monday, July 18, 2005


Just was thinking about a divas bodypump where every track is a solo female track and came up with this mix. Have fond memories of all of these tracks :)

01. Perfect Moment Mary Griffin (Bodypump 40.)
02. I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro) Donna Summer (Bodypump 42.)
03. Spente Le Stelle Opera Trance (Bodypump 40.)
04. Let me fly Kim Lucas (Bodypump 41.)
05. Let's Get Loud Jennifer Lopez (Bodypump 39.)
06. Dirrty Christina Aguilera (Bodypump 45.)
07. On A Night Like This Kylie Minogue (Bodypump 37.)
08. Livin' a Lie Milk Inc (Bodypump 42.)
09. It Feels So Good Sonique (Bodypump 36.)
10. Vedi, Maria Emma Shapplin (Bodypump 52.)

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Love trance and anything to do with club house music this is one awesome mix of trance and house trance music that I think is one cool Bodypump Mix :)

01. Scream for More Kate Ryan (Bodypump 50.) All time favorite 50's series Bodypump track.
02. Overload V / Voodoo & Serano (Bodypump 52.) This is an awesome track 2 and one of my favorites.
03. Pump It Up Danzel (Bodypump 51.) A great sing along track.
04. Here I Am (Send me an angel) - Jan Wayne Feat Charlene (Bodypump 54.) Love Charlene and her hit from 1982 Never Been to Me. A number one track from that year.Country music was huge in 1982 we also had Willie Nelson "Always on my mind" as a number 0ne track from that year as well.
05. Let The Sun Shine Milk & Sugar feat. Lizzie Pattinson (Bodypump 51.)
06. Somewhere I Belong Linkin Park (Bodypump 50.)
07. Love Comes again DJ Tiesto (Bodypump 53.) One of the best track 7's out there.
08. Something Going On Bomfunk MC's (Bodypump 50.) Huge fan of Freda from Abba, this is a cover of her hot written by Genisis front man Phil Collins.
09. Yeah Usher (Bodypump 53.) Great hip-hop dance track.
10. My Immortal Evanescence (Bodypump 51.) Not a trance trace but a good track :)


Just loved the latin influence in Bodypump a-while back. In the 20's - 30's - 40's and 50's series of Bodypump there were some awesome latin tracks.

Here is an aweesome Latin Bodypump mix:

01. Please don't go - No Mercy Bodypump 23
02. La Copa de la Vida (Cup of Life) Ricky Martin Bodypump 27
03. Oye Gloria Estefan Bodypump 30
04. Boom Boom Chayanne Bodypump 40
05. Stranger in the House Tamia Bodypump 40
06. Fighter Christina Aguilera Bodypump 47or Cross the Border DJ Mendez Bodypump 52
07. Adelante Sash! Bodypump 39
08. Funky cold medina y2k Tone Loc Bodypump 32
09. Bailamos Enrique Iglesias Bodypump 32
10. Ave Maria Oh Mary Dario F Bodypump 36

There it is a whole Latin Themed Bodypump using tracks from BP 23 - 52.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Bodypump 31 is my all time favorite Bodypump of all time. Seven Years ago I attended my very first Bodypump class.

I had no ide what it was all about, no idea about how it was going to impact on the next 7 years of my life.

The 30's series of Bodypump bring back good memories of great Bodypump memories. I love the 20's but the 30's series are phenomenal.

There is one release in the whole 36 or so out of the 54 releases that I have done that sticks out in my mind as a Classic Bodypump. Bodypump 31 still to this day is my all time favorite Bodypump ever.

Perfect day Indigo
Young hearts run free Respect feat. Hannah Jones
Stranded Lutricia McNeal
Here I go again E - Type
Girls on film Duran Duran
Tom's Party T Spoon
Mysterious times Sash! Feat Tina Cousins
Can you feel it NYCC
Baby one more time Britney Spears
Spente le stelle Emma Shapplin

Perfect Day is an awesome warm-up track I simply love the ending of this track. To this day it still sends shivers up my spine. The start has to start right if the instrutor does not cue it right at the begining to the exact count the track is lost.

Young Hearts Run Free that track to this day is one of the hardest squat tracks I have ever done. Love the movie it is from as well. The hardest part was surviving the end of that track.Another one of those tracks if you don't cue it right at the begining the rest you may as well not do, it is one of those exact tracks you need to take notice of the entry and exit of the track.

Stranded awesome stuff love the ending. The hardest track 3 I have ever done. A real good singalong track as well.Had one instructor who never rested at the end, if you have done 31 you know the ending :)

Here I go Again that was the first time I heard of E-type to me the best track 4 ever love E-Type and their music.It is also one of those tracks if you don't listen to the music and cue it wrong the ending does not finish on time. It has to finish on time. Hopefully :)

Girls on Film Duran Duran's massive hit from the 80's the best tricpes track ever to me. Loved the ending of this track for those who have done this track know what I mean :)

Toms Party :) awesome track the ending ouch..... Love the fact that there is no rest at all in this track. We need more 8's in Bodypump :)

Mysterious Times wow thats all I can say about that track, the very first time I have ever heard of Sash and have been a fan of theres ever since. Love the ending for those who have done 31 you know why.

Can you feel it one track that literally burns the shoulders off. Awesome track especially at the end. Was the very first track I ever attempted a heavy weight and learned from it. The song is a bit racey but what song isn't. :)

Hit me one more time love Britney and love the song. A great ab workout while singing to Britney Spears awesome middle section of the exercise. You simply want the track to go on forever. A great singalong track. Hit Me one More Time :) We are Stronger because of Britney Spears :)

Spente le stelle my mumber one cooldown of all time, well Emma's second appearance in the 50's ranks a close second. Who would have thought her music would be used in Bodypump all these years later. The ending is chilling and sends to this day a shiver up my spine!

Bodypump 31 is one classic BP class awesome memories of the instructors that taught it in class. Thanks for the passion and for sharing your passion with me.

Every track in this Bodypump is awesome.

Pump Hard Train Hard or Go Home :) to Bodypump 31.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


This group is awesome they come from Germany and are taking off in the German Charts, their debut single is Maria and it is awesome. They are currently no 2 on the German Top 40 Singles chart with Maria.

The group is Chris - Izzy - Jay - Michael and Richie. Just wanted to share their music with the rest of the world US 5 has arrived :)

Newflash: The guys are now no 2 on the USA Charts excellent :)

Thursday, July 07, 2005


This is from 46 - 49, I think 46 and 49 are some of the best Bodypumps around.

01. I'm Gonna Getcha Good! Jackie 'O' (BODYPUMP 46.) I suggested that one and complained about it. I got told you suggested it so stop complaining about it. Its a great track :)
01. Evergreen Belle Lawrence (BODYPUMP 49.) win as a tie.
02. Addicted to Love Robert Palmer (BODYPUMP 48.)
03. Who said stuck in the UK Planet Funk (BODYPUMP 49.)
04. Stay Déjà vu Feat. Tasmin (BODYPUMP 49.)
05. Kothahitanga Oceania (BODYPUMP 49.)
06. Fighter Christina Aguilera (BODYPUMP 47.) ties with Bring me to life Evenescense (BODYPUMP 49.) I suggested that one as well.
07. I belive Sash! (BODYPUMP 49.) ties with Castles In The Sky Ian Van Dahl (BODYPUMP 47.)
08. Thunderstruck (AC/DC) (BODYPUMP 49.) ties with Tribal Dance 2 Unlimited (BODYPUMP 49.)
09. Get Me Some Mercury 4 (BODYPUMP 49.) I suggested that one as well :)
10. Nothing Like The Rain 2 Unlimited (BODYPUMP 49.)

Where I said I suggested that I suggested the track on the song suggestion section of the main site. I also suggested I believe I think that was on the release before I suggested it there.

Bodypump gets better and better all the time :)

Monday, July 04, 2005


In Las Vegas the original team that presented Bodypump to the USA market are doing it again. They presented it in 1997 as I recall hearing. I have had this one for such a long time and well here is the information.

Dr Jackie Mills presented Bodypump and it is the Head Choreogrpaher for Bodybalance.

Presented by: Head Presenter: Dr. Jackie Mills

Co - Presenters: Michael McSweeney, Steve Renata, Cathy Browning Spencer, Emma Barry, Pete Manuel

Choreographed by: Michael J Mc Sweeney

Tracks included were:

We're all alone – Newton, Shine - Paradiso, Look Who's talkin' Now – Dr Alban, Love to Love - La Bouche, Everybody! - Backstreet Boys, When the Goin' gets Tough – Billy Ocean and Feels So Good – Sonique

I have done all the above in various Bodypumps over the last 7 years and it must have been one very special video demonstration of Jackie and the guys doing the video presentation. If anyone has the Video would love to know what the video is like.

Not to sure if Jackie actually presented tracks on the Demo Video.

If anyone knows please post a comment :)

Friday, July 01, 2005


Found this story of someone who does Bodypump in another blogger and wanted to share it with you.

Click on the link below to read the story


Bodypump does change Lives.


My first remote post to this blogger site.

I think thats pretty cool :)

Was thinking about the 40's series of Bodypump. I think the 40's series of
Bodypump was awesome.

List one Bodypump 40 - 45:

01. Light my fire Jackie 'O' (Bodypump 45)
02. Send me an angle Mythos N DJ Cosmo (Bodypump 41)
03. Enter Sandman Metalica (Bodypump 43)
04. Life E - Type (Bodypump 42)
05. Get The Party Started Pink (Bodypump 42)
06. Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice (Bodypump 40)
07. Set You Free N-Trance (Bodypump 42)
08. The Hitman AB Logic (Bodypump 44)
09. Whenever, Wherever Shakira (Bodypump 42)
10. One Last Breath Creed (Bodypump 45)

List two later from 46 - 49.

Kia ora all.

Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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